As a longtime resident of Washington County, Jeff Hindley is uniquely qualified to solve the most difficult problems facing its residents.

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A Proven Problem Solver with Deep Roots in the Community

From mentoring high needs mental health youth to helping families obtain resources and providing ethics training to local officials, Jeff has spent years leading by example.

Making it Easier to Drive to Work

The population here in Washington County has grown over the years. But the road capacity has not grown with it and we’re getting tired of being stuck in traffic.

Creating More Affordable Housing Options

Homeownership is a cornerstone of the American Dream and the easiest way for working people to build wealth. Jeff believes that people should be encouraged to own their own homes and will stand against anything that makes it more difficult for Washington County residents to achieve that dream.

Combating Homelessness in our community.

Homeless is a problem in our communities. Many elected leaders struggle with proper interventions to deal with this social problem and just throwing money at it is not the solution. I have a comprehensive, detailed and financially feasible plan to combat this problem in our community.

Fighting Back Against Politics as Usual

Jeff believes that Washington County should take the lead in term limits and demonstrate that fresh leadership can lead to effective representation.

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Jeff Hindley has spent his life, with you, raising his family in Washington County. We welcome your opinion, as well as supporting donations and volunteers. Contact us here.