October 19, 2020

Roads, Responsibilities and Responsiveness

Jeff Hindley - Roads, Responsibilities and Responsiveness-cm

Being a member of Washington County’s Rural Roads Operations and Maintenance Advisory Committee has given me a well-informed perspective on our area’s transportation needs. Aside from that, it helps me understand the best approaches that can be taken towards developing solutions for relieving congestion and solving other difficult mobility-related problems. The committee meets on the second Thursday of most months,…

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September 17, 2020

Safety, Security, Law and Order

Law Policewoman speaks to police cadets in classroom-cm (1)

It’s hard not to be disturbed by much of what we’ve seen in the news the past few months. What makes it worse is that some of the worst images of riots and civil unrest from across the entire country are coming from nearby downtown Portland. My professional background gives me a particular perspective on issues relating to criminal justice.…

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